Benefits of working with I.T.FirstAid:

24/7 Remote Support Service and Security Monitoring

I.T.FirstAid team is a strong believer in progress and primarily operates remotely, which allows us to keep our costs low and your heads high! Our remote operations include round-the-clock system monitoring and optimization, a comprehensive analysis and security measures, as well as an easily available technical support team. It also means that when our clients have a tight deadline, we will be there to support them until the required task is complete and the deadline is met. Let us worry about the time lines, equipment, and data maintenance so we can help you focus on your business.


End-to-End Service Assessment

Regardless if you want to fully or partially outsource your IT department or perform a much needed check-up of your systems, our team covers all bases by analyzing your systems and network for security measures, backup services and equipment upgrades. Having functional equipment and proper backups is a requirement for any business, regardless of their size or scope. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service assessment of your technology stack to make sure that all of your hardware and software are up to date and is going to continue being relevant in the future regardless the fluctuations within your business.

IT service assessment and tech support

Disaster Planning Strategies

Alongside our end-to-end service assessment we additionally offer a strategic technology plan that oversees any potential technological requirements in response to your business needs over time. This includes a full disaster recovery plan, which will keep your business running through any unforeseen circumstances. This includes a committed assessment of your technology and a comprehensive step-by-step plan including important phases of backing up your data to secure servers, making sure that your equipment is up to date, and assessing the capabilities of your network systems.

Disaster planning strategies for companies of all sizes