ITFirstAid is Canadian MSP that provides an end-to-end IT managed service support to clients in South Western Ontario. We also provide remote support outside that area as needed.  ITFA offers a broad spectrum of services with a focus on remote assistance to deliver requirements in record time. Our approach is simple – make sure that the safety net is strategically placed in order to cover our clients from every angle. We fully design, install and support a variety of systems and network topologies for small and large businesses alike.


ITFA provides your business with professionals who love what they do. Armed with latest technologies, we aim to stay ahead of the upcoming trends and prepare our clients for the future. Due to the growing pace of technological advancement, we value the importance of knowledge and its subsequent application. We wholeheartedly believe that staying ahead of the curve can prepare your business not only from the standpoint of data security and execution capability, but from the point of business functioning, as we help you to smoothly transition from old to new tech adaptations.



Our mission is to protect and enhance the value of your business by seamlessly building, maintaining, and strengthening the technological requirements of your organization.

Core Value


Our core value is our clientele. We aim to find the best fit of support solutions to efficiently tend to the needs of our clients regardless of the magnitude of the requirements.



In a time of a rapid technological evolution, we envision ourselves as trendsetters who can guide their clients to stay ahead of the evolving industry standards.


24/7 remote support service and security monitoring

ITFA is a strong believer in progress and primarily operates remotely. This includes round-the-clock system monitoring and optimization, a comprehensive analysis and security measures, as well as an easily available technical support team. This allows us to keep our costs low and your heads high!


End-to-end service assessment

Regardless if you want to fully or partially outsource your IT department or simply check all of your systems, security measures and backup services are a requirement for any business, regardless of their size or scope. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service assessment of your technology stack to make sure that all of your hardware and software are up to date.


Disaster Planning Strategies

Alongside our end-to-end service assessment we additionally offer a strategic technology plan that oversees any potential technological requirements in response to your business needs over time. This includes a full disaster recovery plan, which will keep your business running through any unforeseen circumstances.