Business Solutions

ITFA is equipped to provide a full range of services through remote assistance. This means that we can conveniently and efficiently assess and resolve any of your technical problems in real-time. By establishing a direct online connection with one of our technicians your company will be immediately supported without a requirement of physically assessing the unit(s) in question.



  • Lower cost
  • Faster delivery
  • Available 24/7


We are specialists when it comes to disaster recovery, but it is the planning stages that can fully protect all of your business data when a disaster strikes. While many companies overlook the importance of disaster recovery planning until it’s too late, we are here to seamlessly take care of the process and ensure that when it’s needed, a 100% of your data can be quickly recovered.

data backup

Data Backup

ITFA provides a Cloud-based and server based backup solutions that fit the requirement of any company. These alternative ways of backing up information will help you to lower your cost of data protection cycles, reduce the time and resources spent on manual uploads, as well as it gives you a way to securely store and access even the most sensitive information. We divide this transition into three parts: 1. Make sure that you have a proper way of saving your data, including the use of data partition; 2. Take a snapshot of your hard drive; 3. And at last, safely store your data in our secure servers.

data recovery

Data Recovery

We specialize in recovering data that has been lost due to hardware or human error. It involves salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible primary or secondary storage devices, when normal access is not possible. There are many different cases of storage media failure, and each one involves copying the remaining accessible data onto an external source. Consult with our technicians today and find out what you should do if you are in an immediate need for data recovery. We give a personal guarantee of protecting your business and installing preventative measures for data safekeeping.

network optimization

Network Optimization

ITFA uses several tools that allow our technicians to identify whether your problem is stemming from the device, server, or software. We use this information to gather actionable insights and tackle the problem in order to reinstate or improve the speed of your network. With our systems in place, we offer to give you a simple breakdown of available options suitable for your business requirements. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive analysis and strategic plans to make sure that your business will continue to run smoothly and staying on track with innovative technologies.


Secure Virtual Servers

A virtual server is used to store recovery points of your backups while providing your business with a faster and more secure data control. This off-site storage grants an easy access to its users and is utilized to test backups without disrupting your network infrastructure or when your network is down for a prolonged period of time. While this technology has been around for years, the use of virtual servers continues to grow, as it adds better and more efficient recovery points. We also offer the use of secure private servers, where you can rest assured that all of your information and data cannot be breached.

phone system solutions

Telephone Systems

We offer a wide variety of phone system solutions. Whether it is an on site solution or one that you access from the Cloud we can develop a system to fit your needs. We work with three main providers – Norstar, Avaya, or Talkswitch. Based on your needs and provider, we offer the following solutions:


  • Corded and cordless phones
  • VOIP Products
  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Paging System
  • Message On Demand
  • Handsets
  • Audio Conferencing Units
  • Telephone & Computer Cabling