Cloud Computing

We are entering into a new decade, and if your business is not yet utilizing cloud computing, what are you waiting for?

Maybe you don’t understand cloud computing...and that’s OK. In fact, that’s why we’re here. Perhaps you didn’t think of cloud computing as an essential service. We wouldn’t laugh at you…
Cloud computing is vastly used across many industries and on just about any major platform these days. You can host applications for your business, so that any member of your team can run an app they may need without having it locally installed. More importantly, Cloud computing is something we promote as part of a backup plan for your business and your data.
But our business has servers, multiple hard drives and USB thumb drives, you say. We don’t need ‘The Cloud’... Well, consider what would happen if you had a power surge, or worse yet...a data breach, an office fire or a flood. How would that impact your business if everything you’ve made a backup to was no longer accessible? We are far removed from the days of the paper backup, and even if you are one of the few, the strong, the proud, how long would it take to input that information again once you’ve weathered the storm? With Cloud computing, your data is stored securely and remotely. It’s accessible when you need it most and more importantly, when all else fails.

Our Cloud-based Packages not only offer excellent value, but also peace-of mind and protection for your business.

25 Gb Storage

Per Month

SSL Secured

Backup 2x Per Day

24/7/365 Access

50 Gb Storage
Our Most Popular Package

Per Month

SSL Secured

Backup 3x Per Day

24/7/365 Access

100 Gb Storage

Per Month

SSL Secured

Backup 4x Per Day

24/7/365 Access

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